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Letter from Pearl Buchanan to Elizabeth Baskette




The following letter was written by the late Pearl Buchanan, daughter of Margaret Gwin Buchanan, and was sent to Mrs. Buchanan's niece, Elizabeth Baskette along with the French perfume bottle brought to Virginia in 1701 by Philadelphia DuBois DuVal.

Richmond, KY
July 7, 1966

Dear Elizabeth,

I have just sent you a package by insured parcel post which should reach you early next week. A small package is inside the large one because I wanted to be sure that the contents of the small package arrived safely. This is one of my most treasured possessions: Philadelphia DuBois' French perfume bottle. You will find the story of Philadelphia DuBois on pages 1, 5 and 63 of Mother's book.

The neck of the perfume bottle had a small v-shaped piece broken out of it not much larger than this: v. I was afraid that the bottle might become further damaged, so I went to the Metropolitan Art Museum when I was in New York one winter and asked what I should do about it. I was advised to have a silver collar made to go entirely around the neck and extend below the chipped place both inside and outside the bottle. That is why there's a silver covering around the bottle. Originally the bottle was entirely blue.

For twenty-three years this was the pride and joy of my Mother and for twenty years it has been mine. Now I want you to have it for I believe you will appreciate the little heirloom and treasurer it and see that it passes into good hands should it ever go out of yours. Once, I thought of taking it to Williamsburg, Virginia, and giving it to the curator to be placed in some of the Restoration homes but I decided that you ought to have it. I believe it will be happy with you.

Let me know whether the package arrives safely.

With much love,


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