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The DuVal Family Association is dedicated to the descendants of Daniel DuVal who arrived on the York River of Virginia, aboard the Nassau, in 1701. We meet every two years in a fun location.



Question of the Month

Miniature Stoneware Jug

Could this S.J. Duval be of our clan? This miniature stoneware jug has an under-glaze bluish gray mark "COMPLIMENTS OF S.J. DUVAL 316 BONHAM ST". Although it has an address of 316 Bonham St. it does not have a city listed. Several of these have surfaced in Texas and although it could be from any town with a Bonham St. It has been suggested that it is from Fort Worth, Texas. It would date from around 1900 until 1920 and given away as a complimentary sample of, no doubt, liquor. It measures 3 inches high and is 2 inches in diameter at the widest point. There is a brown glaze on the neck and shoulder.

Please e-mail any information to: Joseph Stephen Hays




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